4 Unforgettable Live Sets From Last Year’s Ultra Music Festival

We are about to hit another Ultra Music Festival, one of the biggest EDM festivals in the world. Miami get taken over by neon colors and loud bass. The nightclubs are full of after parties and people dying to get in into over-packed spaced. Even clothing stores have live music.

Nearly year removed from last year’s Ultra Music Festival, the biggest to date, and just weeks away this year’s festival, we take a look and reminisce about some of the performances that had us on our toes last year.


You can’t have a set list complete without mentioned Tiesto. If he’s present, you’re going to put him on the list.

As the introduction states, he is the most recognizable face and name in electronic dance music. And this live set at Ultra last year will show you exactly why. The EDM legend puts in a legendary performance and the crowd certainly responds.

While he may no longer be a #1 spot lock on The DJ List, he’ll always be #1 in our hearts, especially since he was on the front line in bringing this genre of music to the general consciousness.

It’s also interesting to see sets from the guys that have been around for a while because you can compare them to their older stuff and see the evolution. Tiesto is no longer sticking strictly to trance (like his “Traffic” tune).

This is a bit divisive as some people want to see the older DJs stay true to their origins…but people evolve. And clearly the sellout crowd shows that most people don’t mind.

Danny Avila

Boy wonder Danny Avila set the stage on fire with this hour-long set that sent the audience into a frenzy.

What might be even crazier is, while you can catch him playing at some of the hottest spots in the U.S…. like Foxtail Pool Club in Las Vegas (twice), Main Street Armory in Rochester, Hyde Beach in Miami, and Bassmnt in San Diego…he’s not even old enough to drink in this country yet. Not to mention that he is already the #2 ranked DJ in all of Spain on The DJ List.


The reigning #1 ranked DJ in the world put in a worthy performance to close out a night at last year’s festival.

If you want to see some crowd control via the decks, skip over to the half hour mark in the set to see how he brings down the noise, building the beat, and then pumping it back up again.

No doubt everyone in attendance enjoyed the set.

Carl Cox

A legend among legends, a man among boys. Any EDM fan who doesn’t know, and respect, Carl Cox isn’t much of a fan at all.

A man that’s been in the game for decades, and has been at Ultra since the beginning, he can control a crowd – building them up slowly, then bringing them back down, until you are euphorically exhausted – better than anyone in the world.

That is also why he has his own tent/stage at each year’s event. For many true fans, the annual Carl Cox and Friends stage is the main stage.


There was certainly a lot to be excited about during last year’s festival. As always, this year will see the city taken over by EDM fans, the festival packed to a brim, and the nightclubs featured the hottest acts in the world.